But why!? They cried!

Dr Strangelove – The Story So Far

“He got the solo in ‘Can’t Get Enough…’ right!? Yeeeeeehaaaaaah!!”

Dr Strangelove were formed seemingly on a whim to play a beer festival.

And if you can think of a more noble reason to form a band, then you’re a better man than I.

Dr Strangelove are:

Harvey ‘Captain Mandrake’ Reader—Bass and BVs (yes, singing!).

David (Harry) ‘Merkwürdigliebe’ Postins—guitar and vocals (all the right notes…).

Max ‘Merkin Muffley’ Bantleman—drums and definitely no singing (there are UN resolutions to prevent this…).

Harvey, Harry and Max had all previously played together in the legendary ‘Radiators’ (or ‘Rads’ as they are globally known and marketed), though nowadays Max plays in ‘Paparazzi’ (who are not a ‘Paper Lace’ tribute band) while Harry and Harvey continue to party on with the Rads.

The Rads, were not the first band that any of them played in, each being an ‘old hand’ at the band thing, indeed, given their various ages, it may seem a miracle that they could get together and still play at all: testament to the healing power of Guinness, cider and ale in general.

Their time playing together in the Radiators prompted many musical adventures and a realisation that they all shared an enjoyment for a certain type of music: music you could muck about with, dance to, drink to and generally jam with and enjoy. Groovy music, much of which came from the early halcyon days of R&B and Rock, when men were men, women were women and sheep were, alas, largely unattainable due to various by-laws.

So, they all reasoned, let’s do some more of that when the Rads and Paparazzi are a bit quiet!

And so there you have it: The story so far.

Some of the things Dr. Strangelove like to think they can never seriously be accused of:

Being over-rehearsed. Being too picky about what key it’s in. Playing too quietly. Worrying about covering songs with keyboards / skiffle boards / mouth organ / synth / choral arrangements / cannon fire in them – bluff it!.

Some things they’ll put their hand up to: Stripping songs down to bare essentials. Drinking beer. Making loud noises. Eating unhealthy food (kebabs!). Drinking beer. Playing anywhere if the money is right. Playing for free if the beer is right. Drinking beer.