Who’s to Blame?

Harry is mostly to blame for Dr. Strangelove.

“There are *how* many chords in ‘My Way’!?”

Him and Harvey.

I mean it’s obvious really: guitar players are pretty much to blame for everything right?

It came about that a beer festival needed a band, and the Rads, who were offered the gig, couldn’t do it due to global warming, or something. So, Harry thought, let’s give it a whirl with the Rads who can do it and the drummer who used to hit things with us, not forgetting the other mad guitar player that used to grace the Rads line up (step forward Dave ‘this thing goes to 11!’ Markland).

And so it was that Harvey, Harry, Dave and Max played the Napton Bridge Beer & Bands Bash.

A rough and ready gig was had by all and Dr Strangelove was born.

Guitar: Harry, much like Ziggy, plays guitar, but without all the messing about with boots and makeup (he saves that for the weekends). He likes to vary the solos for freedom of expression, a real ‘live’ feel and to explore the possibilities of riffing outside of any known boundaries (he says). His laid back bluesy voice and laid back hair make him a perfect lead vocalist and front man for the band.

Bass: Harvey is very much like the rock of Gibraltar, without the monkeys or border disputes: he is very solid indeed. He is never happier than when banging out a bass riff, walking those lines and twiddling with the more complicated bits as an intro. His obsession with Elkie Brooks is of course legendary (Money!). His wild stage clothes and persona sometimes eclipse his playing, though his subtle vocals are a perfect compliment to his mean and moody bass playing.

Drums: Max likes to hit things, and his drumming style can best be summed up as ‘minimalist’, both in what he actually knows about playing the drums and the way he plays them. He lives in fear that he may not be hitting the drums hard enough and takes every opportunity to demonstrate his complete lack of technique and schoolboy like enthusiasm in bashing cymbals and kit alike.